News SGC 04.09.2017
The oil and gas industry workers day took place at SGC.
News SGC 31.08.2017
Facilities of the main gas transportation system of Kyrgyzstan have been put onstream.
News Gazprom 22.08.2017
Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee Alexey Miller held a meeting with general contractors.
News SGC 14.08.2017
SGC announced winners of corporate professional skills competition.
News SGC 31.07.2017
The first stage of professional skill competition is over.
News SGC 07.07.2017
An opening ceremony of Druzhba trans-regional students’ construction project was held at Bovanenkovo.
News SGC 22.06.2017
The first corporate brain ring competition took place at SGC.
News SGC 05.04.2017
An exhibition of employees’ family archives to open in SGC’s main office.
News SGC 01.04.2017
More than 40 events, dedicated to ensuring safety protection, will be held in SGC during 2017.
News SGC 19.01.2017
New facilities of Yamal gas extraction center and a Zapolyarye-Purpe oil pipeline have been launched.
News SGC 01.07.2017
Dmitry Arkhipov has won an international welding championship.
Progress in the name of future generations
10 years
10000 people
Heavy equipment
10000 units
Mobile buildings
10000 units
- Pipelines
- Fields
- Compressor stations
- Infrastructure facilities
- Overhaul