SGC news 10.05.2018
SGC celebrated the 73rd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
SGC news 23.04.2018
On April 20 employees of Stroygazconsulting celebrated the National blood donor’s day.
Ukhta – Torzhok gas trunkline system
PHOTO REPORT 09.04.2018
Gas trunkline system designed for providing North-West regions of Russia with gas from Yamal.
Ukhta – Torzhok consists of two half way parallel gas pipelines from Yamal to North-West regions of Russia and further to Europe. Total length of linear part of the gas trunkline system is nearly 2,800 km. From 2011 Stroygazconsulting had constructed 487 km of the first line and 4 compressor stations. Works are currently being executed at the sections of second line.
SGC news 14.03.2018
Stroygazconsulting awarded the best companies in labor safety.
SGC news 16.02.2018
Leader of domestic power economy celebrates its anniversary.
The Power of Siberia gas trunkline
Photo report 11.01.2018
Stroygazconsulting is constructing gas pipeline section with total length of 413 km.
SGC news 29.12.2017
The new issue of the ‘Main construction’ newspaper has been released.
Gazprom News 27.12.2017
Head of Gazprom’s Management Committee summed up the results.
SGC news 14.11.2017
More than 300 employees of SGC took part in the final stage of the event.
SGC news 24.10.2017
Five years ago industrial production of gas was started at Bovanenkovskoye field.
Video project 08.05.2018
SGC shooting team visited places, depicted in warеtime actuality shots of 1941-1943
Progress in the name of future generations
10 years
10000 people
Heavy equipment
10000 units
Mobile buildings
10000 units
- Pipelines
- Fields
- Compressor stations
- Infrastructure facilities
- Overhaul