SGC news 30.10.2018
SGC confirmed compliance with the requirements of the international standards.
SGC news 28.09.2018
The fifth issue of Stroygazconsulting corporate newspaper published.
Gazprom News 02.09.2018
Alexey Miller congratulated his colleagues and revealed Gazprom's agenda.
SGC news 30.08.2018
"Friendship-2018" student construction project at the Bovanenkovo oil and gas condensate field is completed.
SGC news 27.07.2018
Effective technologies and ecological campaigns are fundamental for environmental safety.
Gazprom News 25.07.2018
It amounts to 90.5 per cent of the gas pipeline’s total length.
SGC news 16.07.2018
The summer labor term has just started at the construction sites of Stroygazconsulting.
SGC news 06.06.2018
SGC team won the St. Petersburg Hockey League trophy.
Gazprom News 17.05.2018
Gazprom's Management took note of the information about the ongoing construction of the Power of Siberia.
SGC news 10.05.2018
SGC celebrated the 73rd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
Photo Report 03.08.2018
The third gas production facility of the Bovanenkovo field is coming onstream in the Yamal Peninsula.
Progress in the name of future generations
10 years
10000 people
Heavy equipment
10000 units
Mobile buildings
10000 units
Geographic presence
- Pipelines
- Fields
- Compressor stations
- Infrastructure facilities
- Overhaul