‘The best of the most professional’

The new issue of the ‘Main construction’ newspaper has been released. On New Year’s Eve it was delivered to all SGC facilities.

The main article was devoted to the professional skills competitions and its winners. In 2017 SGC chose the best welders and insulation workers, machine operators and hookers, labor safety and personnel management specialists, accountants and personal assistants. All in all 163 workers from 17 companies, which take part in SGC construction projects, went into professional skills competitions.

The results were summed up by Stroygazconsulting’s director general Stanislav Anikeev. He addressed to company’s staff: ‘2017 showed that we are able to solve any industrial issue. Improving technological and management processes, we preserved the company, hired top-ranked professionals. Much work is still ahead us: to create infrastructure at gas fields, construct compressor stations shops, lay hundreds of kilometers of pipelines. We are to increase labor productivity at every section of construction, and we are sure that in spite of complicity and scale of our tasks, all our plans and thoughts will be successfully implemented’.

Precise results of every construction site will be announced in January, most of the rates will increase, but already now the scope of work impresses. 758 kilometers of gas trunklines, 53 road and water crossings were constructed at SGC’s linear facilities by December. 6,600 studs, 56 kilometers of technological pipelines and more than 800 kilometers of cables have been put at on-shore construction facilities. The volume of excavation works is 1.5 million cubic meters; total weight of assembled constructions exceeded 12,500 tons. 

Among other materials of the issue – traditional chronicle and photo report, interesting facts about Yakutia, results of construction brigades competition and an interview with Alexander Rosenbaum, who this year performed at Bovanenkovskoye OGCF for constructors. 

Electronic version of the newspaper is available on site in Media center section.