The third largest contractor comes back to Gazprom

Stroygazconsulting has won contracts for RUB 18.2 January-March 2016, according to the State procurement site. More contracts have only traditionally large contractors Stroygazmontazh of Arkady Rotenberg and Stroyransgas of Gennady Timchenko. They received contracts for RUB 25 bln and RUB 20.4 bln.
Stroygazconsulting started working at Gazprom’s largest facilities in 1996. By 2009 SGC simultaneously worked at 10 largest project of Gazprom, including the huge Bovanenkovo field at Yamal. The portfolio of state projects, got by SGC in 2008-2012, was more than RUB 800 bln, according to Forbes.