‘New facilities in Moscow Region’

SGC will construct overpasses at A107 and A108 federal highways. According to the results of open tenders, state contracts between FKU Tsentravtomagistral of Federal Road Agency and OOO Stroygazconsulting were concluded. The first facility will be constructed at the Small Moscow Ring Road on the 1st kilometer from Simpferopl to Brest highways. The second overpass will be built at the Moscow Big Ring on the 33rd kilometer from Kashirskoye to Simferopl highways.

The Small Ring and the Big Ring are also known as “betonka”. This name became known in 1960s. From the very beginning they were designed for the purposes of anti-aircraft defence of Moscow and were built of concrete slabs which were able to endure the burden of large-tonnage missile vehicles. The Small Moscow Ring Road is 355 km long and goes through Iksha, Noginsk, Bronnitsy, Golitsyno, and Istra. The Big Ring’s length exceeds 550 km. This road connects Dmitrov, Sergiev Posad, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Voskresensk, Mikhnevo, Balabanovo, Ruza, and Klin.

Although these highways have only two lanes, multiple crossroads and intersections with railroad, the Small Moscow Ring Road and the Moscow Big Ring Road have an important role in providing connection between radial federal and regional roads. There are many traffic jams, therefore, drivers prefer the congested Moscow Ring Road even if they have to get to the nearest towns of the Moscow Region. Today, reconstruction works are underway at different sections of A107 and A108. So, the above mentioned overpasses will be constructed for the solution of transport problems on the territories adjoining to the Simferopl highway. Stroygazconsulting will start construction works in February 2014.