Stellar season for the corporate ice hockey team

SGC team won the St. Petersburg Hockey League trophy.

Our hockey players triumphed over "Euronika 2" team in the final match 4:1 win on the "ICE RINK" arena on June 10, 2018. The match was a spectacular high point of the SGC corporate team’s winning run through all the tournament stages without a single defeat.

"The 2017-2018 season is the first for our team. We have a lot of newcomers, those who got on skates just recently. During this year all of us have remarkably improved both individual and teamwork skills. I am proud of my co-players! The only advice for those who want to start hockey in adulthood is to chase all fear and just try. As beginners progress, they enhance chances to compete with those who have been involved in hockey since childhood. And they are likely to succeed,"- stated Mikhail Komarov, the SGC hockey team head coach.

As a result of all the cup games, the SGC team representatives Ilya Voitkevich and Innokentiy Vavilov were hailed as the top scorer and the best goalkeeper. The final match goals were scored by Nikolay Demchenko, Ilya Pyatyh and Dmitriy Surchakov.

"I got my start in hockey recently thanks to my son who plays for one of the St. Petersburg hockey clubs. When I started training I realized how difficult this sport is, how much courage and endurance it requires. My two goals in the finals are, first of all, the result of the team effort, our trainings and synergy. It is a distinct pleasure to see my family and colleagues witnessing our victory. We just had no other choice but to play at our best and win. I would like to thank our company for the opportunity to experience the game of hockey. Sporting activities unite people and have great impact on work and life!"- Dmitry Surchakov, the SGC hockey team attacker, shared his impressions.

Cup tournament "Start 2", won by SGC corporate team, is the competition involving debutants of the St. Petersburg hockey league. Next season the team will be transferred to a division with more experienced participants.



The St. Petersburg Hockey League cup
SGC hockey team won the final game on the ‘ICE RINK’ arena with 4:1 score