SGC takes care of Yakutia's nature

The majority of Stroygazconsulting’s projects are situated in undeveloped areas of our country, such as the Arctic region, Siberia and the Far East. The nature in such places is virgin, and the company’s object is to keep it in its original state.

There are lots of wild animals near to SGC’s construction sites; birds, including rare species, build their nests in this area, and the rivers with pipeline underwater lines are rich in fish. Understandably, human-induced activity of any kind disturbs the existing ecosystem. But timely measures afford to eliminate possible damage.

This summer more than 6 million of peled larval fishes were released; this event is part of the campaign aimed at reproduction of aquatic biological resources in the area of the Power of Siberia pipeline construction. Larval fishes, that mean a form between an egg and a juvenile, were released into the Aann’aakh River in Mirninsky District in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic. After turning into imago they will find their way to the Vilyuy Reservoir, situated on the Vilyuy River, the longest tributary of the Lena River. Peled as a commercial fish of the Salmonidae family will, therefore, continue to play an important role for the local residents.

SGC-1, one of the contractors of the Power of Siberia, took part in this event together with Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk, the Federal  Agency for Fishery and Chernyshevsky fish farm, which had prepared peled larval fishes.

“At present we expand the stocking of fish geography and increase the variety of species. We must work on this issue to multiply commercially important fish population. It is a matter of not only aquatic biological resources protection, but also of artificial reproduction. We are sure that the results of such campaigns will be noticeable in the nearest years”, said Vasiliy Cherepanov, director of Chernyshevsky fish farm.

The fact, that aboriginal wildlife coexists with builders of the Power of Siberia, is the best evidence of SGC’s environmentally friendly policy. Brown bears, sables, foxes and other beasts often come close to the construction sites; a herd of wild horses inhabits the area of construction of the underwater line through the Lena River. These animals bathe in the river just a stone's throw from working machines and drink water, which is still clean and potable.

Stroygazconsulting confirms its adherence to the nature protection regulations and continues to make efforts towards minimization of impact on the environment.



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