Student brigades are back on a shift

The summer labor term has just started at the construction sites of Stroygazconsulting. Students began to work at the Bovanenkovskoye and Urengoyskoye gas fields.

A total of 148 youngsters from 8 Russian regions are involved in the SGC’s projects this year. Most of this labor force, namely 11 brigades consisting of 128 persons, has arrived at Bovanenkovo to become a part of the Friendship interregional construction project; 20 students went to the booster compressor station at the Pestsovaya area of the Urengoyskoye OGCF. 

At the opening ceremonies, which took place in the beginning of July, the students presented their brigades, marched with its flags, performed inspiring guitar songs and launched a labor competition. In the next two months the members of the construction brigades will be engaged in digging, site improvement and auxiliary works under the guidance of SGC-2 and SGC-4 specialists. The most experienced students will take part in land surveying. The results of the season will be summed up at the end of August.

“A lot of volunteers would like to go to Yamal and take part in construction activity. We cooperate with the contractors for some years, the process is well-established. First we get a request, and then we select the most worthy candidates. Next we check their working skills and experience in the Russian Student Brigades. The main thing for us is to ensure that the labor season was successful and safe, and all the participants got a fair reward and a positive energy boost, which will last till the next shift”, said Vladimir Borovinskiy, the head of the Friendship interregional construction project.

Stroygazconsulting and the Russian Student Brigades have been cooperating since 2011. In this period more than 4500 students were recruited by subcontracting companies to work at the SGC’s construction sites.