A friendship for eternity

"Friendship-2018" student construction project at the Bovanenkovo oil and gas condensate field is completed. Within two months students have been arranging the territory of the comprehensive gas treatment unit, the booster compressor station and the clusters of producing gas wells of the Gas Production Facility No. 3.

"11 student construction teams from 7 regions of our immense country came here in 2018. These are 128 men who weren’t afraid of the north wind and showed themselves 100%! We have developed a very good relationship of trust with the employer. In all of the construction and assembling directorates there were managers who coordinated our teams, communicated with the masters and directly gave instructions. I am glad that all the foremen and masters were satisfied with the work of students and with the coordination carried out by our staff", – said Konstantin Pozhilykh, the leader of the Interregional student construction project "Friendship-2018".

The student working shift results were summed up on August 26. The best construction teams were declared "Friday" from St. Petersburg, "22th region" from Altai Territory and "Current strength" from Moscow. Both performance indicators and events participation were taken into account. At the Bovanenkovo field students organized and held a creative festival "Breath of the North" and a sports contest which included competitions in football, chess, checkers, darts, civil defense squad standards and YNAO national sports. By the way, special attention was paid to the exploration of the way of life and traditions of the Yamal indigenous community through companionship with the "Haeraco" team from the Yamal multidisciplinary college which joined the project for the first time.

"Most of the guys in our crew are Nenets by nationality, we are the children of nomads. I was born on the shore of the Kara sea, lived in the tundra. When I was six years old, my father forged a knife, made a belt, a special man's belt, gave it to me and said: "You’ve grown, you will help me." And I do my best. At the construction site we made friends with the guys from other regions of Russia. They were interested to know more about Yamal, and we wanted to learn something new about their native lands. There were many people who wanted to get to Bovanenkovo, and we are grateful to the "Russian Student Brigades" Yamal staff who believed in us and welcomed us here. Student brotherhood and friendship forever!", – said Edeiko Sarotetto, the leader of the "Haeraco" team.

"Friendship-2018" became the eighth student construction project organized by Stroygazconsulting and the "Russian Student Brigades" Association at the Bovanenkovo oil and gas condensate field. During these years more than 4,500 people spent their summer work terms at the SGC polar facilities.



Student construction project “Friendship-2018”
Bovanenkovo provided seasonal work experience for 11 student construction teams from 7 regions of Russia.