«The main construction site»

The fifth issue of Stroygazconsulting corporate newspaper published. 

The flagship article, one in a series of reports on major SGC projects, focuses on the construction of Gryazovets – Vyborg gas pipeline looping systems and the building of Pikalevskaya compressor station. SGC press team visited the sites in the midst of the work and captured numerous remarkable and vibrant moments. 

"Writing about production coworkers is a pure pleasure. In our report, people masterfully cope with the "playing" pipeline, conquer swampy soils, lay bended pipes. According to the builders, they "just do their job", but I see it as professionalism, passion for their work, sincerity and exceptional dedication", – said Alexandra Barsukova, the corporate newspaper correspondent. 

One of the page spreads introduces with a new subdivision created in the company’s personnel unit in 2018 – psychological service for shift workers. The article contains an infographic about risk factors and features of psychophysiological adaptation away from home and family, as well as an interview with Sergey Evgrafov, SGC’s organizational psychology center specialist, who himself works on a rotational basis. 

"The most important thing is accident–free work, when a person and everyone who works with him is alive and well. Occupational accidents prevention by means of psychological methods has already proved its effectiveness and that is why we began to systematically implement it at our construction sites. At the moment shift psychologists work at three SGK objects", - said Yulia Livshits, the head of the organizational psychology center. 

Among the other topics of the 5th issue of the corporate periodical – photo coverage of the Bovanenkovo oil and gas condensate field, the traditional column "SGC people" and historical essay on St. Petersburg. The full electronic version of the newspaper is available on the company's website in the "Media Center" section: «The main construction site», september 2018