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First of all, SGC is about people. Being talented and determined, they are not afraid of difficulties, are ready to take responsibilities and master new technologies.

We are proud of our staff members!

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More than 25,000 people
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Dmitriy Nelyubin
Land surveyor of SGC-4
“My friend advised me to work in the North”
I had been working in the sphere of pioneering since 2012. I tried to expand my horizons, wanted to learn something new and then gradually moved to construction and site engineering. My friend advised me to work in the North – the salary here is stable, and the time spent on work and rest is the same. Today I conduct the executive survey of metal structures, i.e. beams, traverses and fasteners for fire-fighting networks. Climatic conditions play a significant role here, because now it’s the beginning of summer, everything melts, and the device shows inexact results. If there is an error, we fix it at the initial stage. I feel myself involved in the global project. There will be something to tell my children, to share my experience with them. I have a four-year-old daughter, and she is very glad to meet me at the bus station. She even tries to carry my big bag!
Pestsovaya Area, Urengoyskoye OGCF, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, June 2018
Vladimir Subachev
Electric and gas welder of SGC-4
“Sometimes I dream of the North at home”
To be a welder is a work for real men. We are appreciated everywhere, this is a sought-after profession. The main requirements for a welder are precise performance of duties and responsibility for the pipeline joints. We work in a brigade; each of us has his own personality, but we cooperate while doing our job. I've been working in the North for seven years. After the military service I got an education and started working on/off rotation. Now I am at the Pestsovaya Area and, of course, I saw Arctic foxes. These animals are exotic, so they cannot be found on the mainland. The nature here is memorable; the temperature differences vary from -50 to +40! Sometimes I even dream of the North at home.
Pestsovaya Area, Urengoyskoye OGCF, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, June 2018
Rail Rahmatullin
Pipelayer operator of SGC-1
"Bears walk on a pipe"
The main things in my work are caution and attentiveness. We must ensure that no one gets under the pipe or machines. We need to observe the safety rules, because, after all, we constantly work with people. I am a mechanic; I have finished a vocational school and have been working in the construction industry since 1990. I worked in Primorye, Komi, Urengoy, all the places are fine! The nature around the Power of Siberia is good, except for bears. When they wake up, they sometimes come and go on a pipe, where there is a noise, there they are. Foxes also run about all the winter! I have four grandchildren; the eldest is a first-grader. I show them photos of these animals.
The Power of Siberia trunkline, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), April 2018
Andrey Goncharov
Expert of SGC
"The weather doesn’t always allow building"
My duties consist of communication with contractors and project owners, and also contract administration. This is my third major project after the ESPO and Arctic Circle – Purpe oil trunklines. The special features of the Power of Siberia are the complicated system of block valve stations, the pipe diameter and the swampy and highland areas along the route. Another difficulty is the weather, because it doesn’t always allow building. Most of the construction works are held in winter. As a father and husband, the main thing in my work is stability, and as a specialist I appreciate professionalism and team cohesion most of all.
The Power of Siberia trunkline, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), April 2018
Dmitriy Rubanov
Foreman of SGC-1
"We do everything above the norm"
We execute welding and installation works at our section of the Power of Siberia trunkline. Now we approach to the block valve station and finish automatic welding by the CRC-Evans machine. I’ve been working in the construction industry for all my life; I had finished my education and now pursue this profession. I took part in building the Nord Stream and South Stream pipelines. I’ve been waiting for getting on the Power of Siberia, and now I’m here. I participate in a global nationwide project of great importance. The main thing is a good result, when everything is done above the norm!
The Power of Siberia trunkline, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), April 2018
Larisa Rybakova
Chief specialist of meals division of SGC-Service
"The main thing is that people should be well-fed"
I control the quality of food for the staff, its caloric value, cooking technology, compliance with sanitary rules. There are seven canteens along the Power of Siberia trunkline, and I make sure that everyone  eats well. The main thing in my work is taking care of people, so that everyone should be well-fed. When we go somewhere by car, I always take sandwiches to feed my male colleagues. I have been working on a rotation basis for 11 years. I was in Yakutia, Magadan, Kolyma, and the polar regions. The Power of Siberia is my first project in SGC. The people are very nice here. And what a wonderful nature! You come out and see the mountains all around! I feel proud that I work at the Power of Siberia, and I want the project to keep its standards high.
The Power of Siberia trunkline, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), April 2018
Alexey Padalitsa
Foreman of SGC-2
‘One can easily get used to good things’
I have been working in the North for 12 years, 5 of them – at Bovanenkovo. When I have come here from Komi, where there were no roads, no signal, shift camps were standing in the middle of tundra, I understood that Bovanenkovo was very civilized. Well organized everyday routine, convenient conveyance from Omsk and Ufa. For a shift worker it is more than important. One can easily get used to good things. I have a family in Omsk, my son is 4 years old. My wife tells me that sometimes on their way back from a kindergarten son says ‘Lets’ move faster, dad could already come back’. It is hard to be apart, but if to look in an annual perspective, the time I spend with them is more than I could do while having an ordinary five -day week.
Bovanenkovskoye OGCF, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, March 2018
Viktor Tarasov
Foreman of SGC-4
‘The most important are quality of work and staff orientation’
I live at the Altai Territory. I graduated from the faculty of industrial and civil construction, but there was no work in my birth town, so that I have become a shift worker. My family still lives in Biysk – a wife, a son and two daughters. We speak by phone every day; children tell me about their progress, they go in for skiing. I have been working for SGC from 2012, since then I’ve constructed Portovaya, Syninskaya and Yarynskaya compressor stations. What I liked mostly was Portovaya, that was my first facility and from the very beginning I have been working with foreign partners. Sea was nearby, as well as the Nord Stream pipeline. The construction site was huge! Quality of work and staff orientation are the most important, as well as avoiding accidents and complying with timeframes.
Usinskaya compressor station, Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas trunk-line system, the Republic of Komi, March 2018
Danila Pachin
Assembler of technological pipelines of SGC-4
‘My father and I work together’
My father is a constructor, so since my childhood everything looked like I was going to become a constructor as well. We are working together at Pestsovaya, I’m an assembler and he is a foreman. Now we are isolating pipelines, cover them with zinc-plated steel. Father always shares his experience with me, if anything is not clear I go to him and ask. When I come home, I tell friends about how we live here. They listen with interest, as there are no such temperatures at the South, basically they have never seen normal snow. As for me, when I came here for the first time, it took time to get used to cold and winds. But what I liked from the very beginning was tundra. It is such a snow desert, limitless steppe, various fauna, very beautiful!
Pestsovaya Area, Urengoy OGCF, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area, February 2018
Evgeny Zinatov
Specialist of Stroygazconsulting
‘I followed in the steps of my father’
I manage electric and assembly works at gas fields. My father is an electrician, I followed in his steps. I started with electric points and switchers and reached the largest construction sites of the country. I worked as a stringer and foreman of Yamburgskoye OGCF and Zapolyarnoye OGCF, at Usinskaya and Syninskaya compressor stations – I’ve seen a lot. My family is very supportive, it is waiting for me.
Bovanenkovskoye OGCF, December 2017
Pavel Kostyrev
Operator of crawler caterpillar crane of SGC-2
‘The most important in New Year is holiday mood’
I work at a crane and move steelworks. I got used to workload, weather and 60-day shift. Together with my gang we started at Sabetta two years ago, now we are being employed at Bovanenkovo. Folks are good, we’ve made a fine team! This year we are going to spend New Year at the construction site, without a holiday tree, of course, but we actually don’t need it, being grown-ups. The most important is holiday mood.
Bovanenkovskoye OGCF, December 2017
Mikhail Stepanets
Foreman of SGC-1
‘Nothing is impossible’
I have been working at Bovanenkovo – Ukhta and Ukhta – Torzhok facilities, my construction experience is more than 10 years. Team is great at our section. All are professionals with huge experience. People have always been working in the north, and I suppose they will do it for a long time in future. Conditions are pretty much bearable, nothing is impossible. Landscape is very interesting here. I have seen bears and lynxes, different small animals and birds. The most important are responsibility, determination and ability to find a way to any person. Work gives many acquaintances, many friends, you see and learn many things.
The Power of Siberia trunkline, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), November 2017
Alexey Salasin
Electric welder of SGC-1
‘Welding is top-of-the-line’
I became a welder at the insistence of older mates. Earlier I worked as a fitter, but after all welding has always been top-of-the-line. I’ve learned it, got into it, so I have been working on pipelines for 14 years. I like my work as it is responsible and important. Especially when you weld pipes at such facilities as the Power of Siberia. Climate is severe here, but people have always been working in the North, constructed many things. Our pipeline will always be for ever.
The Power of Siberia trunkline, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), November 2017
Marat Karamov
Senior engineer of Stroygazconsulting
‘Earlier I didn’t know what are polar day and polar night’
I have been into construction for 8 years; this is my second year at Bovanenkovo. Here I’m responsible for general construction works. It is very interesting in the north – different climate and extents. When I got here, I didn’t know what were a polar night and polar day. I came in the evening and the sun was shining, when I woke up at night and opened my eyes it was still shining. That was so unusual! Work is organized very well here and we manage to take a rest after work. We chat, watch movies, visit gym and do jogging in summer.
Bovanenkovskoye OGCF, December 2017
Andrey Gluschenko
Oxygen cutter of SGC-2
‘Work is hard, especially in winter’
I have been working in SGC for seven years. Work is hard, especially in winter, when severe winds are blowing at Yamal. We are living on friendly terms with fellows from our brigade. . All in all, tundra is all around, some years ago a white bear came here and polar foxes are our regular visitors. I have celebrated New Year at the facilities for many times. Holidays are different during a shift – we congratulate each other at midnight, drink tea and go to bed. In the morning we should be at construction site, the work is not waiting.
Bovanenkovskoye OGCF, December 2017
Raphael Yusupov
Electric welder of SGC-1
‘I became an electric welder by chance’
I have never thought of being a welder, but when I had a chance to try myself, I risked, didn’t refuse, started learning. That is how I found my vocation. What is the most important in work is to take it seriously. It is always a pleasure to be paid for a work that is done well. From 2010 I have been working at Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok, Bovanenkovo – Ukhta, Ukhta – Torzhok facilities. Primorsky Krai, where we constructed SKV, was the most remarkable; there are real tropics in this region in summer. In Yakutia climate is not very pleasant, frosty, but machinery acts properly even when it is freezing. Nevertheless, nature is very beautiful here, few people and wild animals – bears, foxes and sometimes crows come, they are very smart and big birds.
Trunkline the Power of Siberia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), November 2017
Eugeny Zavton
Assembler of above ground pipelines of SGC-1
‘Welding joints of high quality is the most important’

We are currently welding joints at the Power of Siberia. Conditions are fine here – shift camps are nearby, overalls are provided properly, we are served a warm lunch. This is my second shift at SGC, though I have been travelling with my brigade around different construction sites since 2010. That is why our team is very friendly and united. What is the most important in our work is to weld neat joints and avoid repairing works. Everything goes like this in our brigade! Nature is soulful here, snow is pure, everywhere is calmness, so we can take rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Trunkline the Power of Siberia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), November 2017
Hamza Mambetov
Digger operator of SGC-1, winner of ‘The best professional in construction and assembly works’ contest
‘No way round digger’
This year I won a professional skills competition. I had to learn some theory, and as for practice, I was ready for a long time. Tasks were interesting, removed helmets and buckets, closed matchboxes with digger teeth. It’s very spectacular, but at the facilities we have to do even harder things. I agree with those who say that that a digger operator is number one at the construction site. The reason is that the digger is needed everywhere, from clearing to reclamation. No way round digger!
Novy Urengoy, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area, August 2017
Marat Muratov
SGC-4, Foreman
‘We turn paintings into reality’
Life in the Arctic Circle is harsh, but exciting. It seems like a cold desert, but nevertheless it is attractive. Pestsovaya Area is a very responsible facility. Here we construct a pipeline. Gas gathering header, swages – they are all on us. Just imagine, you take a sketch, look at it and then turn what was painted into reality. This is the most important, the reason I work at construction. I have a relish for paper ideas implementation.
Pestsovaya Area, Urengoy OGCF, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area, August 2017
Algimantus Urbanavichus
pipe-layer operator of SGC-1, winner of The best professional in construction and assembly works contest
‘Like a united machine’
One should be very precise at the pipe-layer. When a senior foreman stands at the trench, column executes his commands like a united machine. I’m currently working at the Power of Siberia; in general, I have been working since 2000. I’ve got over the whole North, got used to it, became experienced and self-confident. I suppose, this is the reason I was sent to the professional skills competition. It may seem that I’m bragging, but I had no doubts that I would get the first prize. All examinations were passed successfully. When I was acknowledged as the best one, I sent a message to my wife. My son is four; they are both very happy for me!
Novy Urengoy, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area, August 2017
Ramzes Asadullin
SGC-4, Foreman
‘North is very addicting’
Our brigade is a complex one, its specialization is steel construction. Here at Pestsovaya, types of work are constantly changing, so there is no routine, only ingenuity and creativity. Before becoming a foreman, I had been working as a teacher; this experience helps me a lot. Fellows are young; I need to find a special approach to each of them. I kind of manage to do it, and our brigade is very united. North is very addicting. When you come home and spend there a month, you think that this is enough and count days before returning to construction site.
Pestsovaya Area, Urengoy OGCF, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area, August 2017
Oleg Holdstein
Welder of Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy
‘I came here for romance’
I have come from Altai region; there I have been studying at geographical faculty. I became a welder and went to the North just after returning from the army. From 2001 I have been traveling along the whole Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Tomsk region and part of Krasnoyarsk region. I’m kind of adventurer, I like visiting places I have never visited before, it always encourages me. Here I feel like a researcher and conqueror. I come home as a guest. When you get used to living and working in particular rhythm, you try to get back as soon as possible. Such a life makes you orderly. There is no much time for leisure at the construction, but I try to read. I have been fond of reading since my youth, especially adventures. When somebody asks, why you went to the North, I reply that for romance. Why else?
Bovanenkovo OGCF, July 2017
Konstantin Afonin
Foreman of electric and assembly section of Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy
‘I feel that my job is important’
I have been working for the company for seven years, I feel, that my job is important, as I help to construct infrastructural facilities at the field. At Bovanenkovo good conditions for work and living are provided, we have a fine canteen, professional and friendly staff. I spend my free time going in for sports. To keep fit and to switch of work for a while. Guys and I, we have hung a bar and made hand weights for strength exercises. Each second day I go for a run, when the weather is ok, of course. I turn on music and go for 2-3 kilometers. This way I relax very soulfully. I’m not the only one running in the evening, each time I meet somebody else behind and ahead of me. We even bring sneakers for the shift.
Bovanenkovo OGCF, July 2017
Galshagira Zagirova
Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy, foreman
‘I use female approach in work’
I have 54 subordinates, six of them are women-plasterers, and rests are men. They listen to me, though I definitely feel special treatment, when we come at shift, there is no need to carry bags by myself. I use female approach in work, now way round it! Guys and I have been working together for a long time, they share grieves, joy and plans with me. I encourage them not to be bored. The thing I like mostly about my work is final result, when I see finished construction. We start from the zero point and erect such beauty.
Bovanenkovo OGCF, July 2017
Nebi Suleimanov
foreman of SGC-7
‘People are hospitable here’
I came to SGC lately, but already made friends with all fellows. I like my work very much, especially welding process, but currently I manage more than do anything with my own hands. Here only professionals are working, I’m glad to be part of such a team. I have been living in Komi for more than 30 years, I came here from South. At first it was not easy, but I got used to it. People are friendly and hospitable here, I like it very much!
The Ukhta-Torzhok gas trunkline, the Komi Republic, July 2017
Zafar Udinaev
welder of SGC-7
‘Work holds pleasure’
I have been working in SGC since 2010 at the position of welder at automatic and semi-automatic machinery. I like everything in my work, it’s even surprising! We have great management, so work holds pleasure! Moreover, we have a friendly team; we do everything with all our hearts. When I have free time, I go in for sports. We have a good gym in our shift camp, I go there after work. We appreciate that when we ask for something, for example, for gym, our management gives it to us. We feel that it really cares about us and we are very grateful, try to work even better.
The Ukhta-Torzhok gas trunkline, the Arkhangelsk region, July 2017
Oleg N. Svadin
Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy, Foreman of SMU 1 Finishing Brigade
“We have been working together for a long time”
I’m a carpenter. I install different partitions, hang wallpapers, putty, etc. All in all, I do finishing works. Our brigade is from Omsk. We have been working together for a long time. We know each other very well. We had worked at Bovanenkovo for 5 years, from the very beginning. Then we worked at the Zapolyarnoye field. And now we are here, in Korotchaevo. What will I remember for the whole life? Of course, it will be my work. It is a wonderful job!
Korotchaevo village, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 2014
Akhtam Gafurov
SGC-7, CRC-Evans foreman
‘We move together from one facility to another’
We work at automatic welding complex. All staff members are team-minded: assemblers, welders, land surveyors and geodesists. We are currently working in Komi, all in all, we have been moving together from one facility to another for almost six years. As for me, I participated in various projects, but the most memorable one is the ESPO-2. Our section was near the coast, the Pacific Ocean impressed me a lot! I was born in Central Asia, where there is even no sea, so water attracts me very much. Even local Vychegda river brings me joy.
The Ukhta-Torzhok gas trunkline, the Arkhangelsk region, July 2017
Denis Zhdanov
Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy, Land surveyor
“Construction activity gives a lot”
I’ve been working at Yamal for five years. My friend called me, he has been working here as a mounter. I have been wishing to become a land surveyor for many years, in 2004 I graduated from technical college majoring in land development, but initially I had been working as a gas cutter operator. Now I’m improving my skills to become a land surveyor. Construction activity gives a lot in this regard, every time you learn something new, grow professionally step by step. It’s very difficult in the North, but you can get accustomed to everything – to the brigade, to the people. All people are fine here; they come from different parts of Russia, you get to know interesting persons. I like it!
Bovanenkovo OGCF, July 2017
Victor Baum
Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy, Assembler of technological pipelines and equipment
“We have got used to severe climate conditions”
I like being here, moreover, the assembly works are familiar to me. I’ve been working at the high north for almost 6 years. Everything is blossoming here differently, the birds are also different. For instance, I haven’t seen so many gooses elsewhere, here they are not scared. Every nature has its own character, the same is at the Bovanenkovo. Rivers, lakes and berries – it is nice to look at.
We have got used to severe climate conditions, at Altai it is also not so much warm. The way we take rest is very simple – we watch movies, chat, laugh and share anecdotes like in olden days. It is good, that students have come here, they should learn, observing our work.
Bovanenkovo OGCF, July 2017
Alexey Kornev
“Each facility is good in its own rights”
I have been working at pipeline construction for seven years already. I had been constructing ESPO-2, Kuyumba-Tayshet, Bovanenkovo-Ukhta, now we are working on the Power of Siberia. I have travelled along the country and saw champs, swamps and taiga. It’s all very exciting, we can talk about it for a very long time. Each facility is good in its own rights and this is good news! I suppose that it’s worth quitting the job you don’t like. Difficulties are everywhere, but we are overcoming them.
The Power of Siberia gas trunkline, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), April 2017
Andrey Mischenko
Edge-dressing machine operator
“We work in Spartan conditions”
My profession is a turner. I’ve took a course and from December 10, 2017 I have been working for SGC. I’ve been to Vorkuta, Inta, Seida. I’ve seen a lot. In Inta the most interesting part was crossing the swamps. Now in Yakutia we have Spartan conditions, usual work ambience. Nature is fascinating here – taiga and bald mountains. Though here we’ve found lack of living creatures. We’ve only met a fox, hares and some hens. In general, work is good!
The Power of Siberia gas trunkline, еру Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), April 2017
Stepan Yagas
SGC-Truboprovodstroy-7 Asia, Welder of 6th category
“Our team is friendly”
This work is for me, I like being a welder! First of all, it’s just nice to weld, I understand that it comes naturally. I like mastering new equipment, learn everything from the whole beginning. My favorite type of welding is pulsed arc gas-shielded welding, when two torches come one after another. Secondly, our team is great – management, fellows, with whom we have been working together for some years. We don’t want to separate.
Bukhara Gas-Bearing Province – Tashkent – Bishkek – Almaty gas trunkline, 2017
Suhaily Gafurov
Foreman of CRC welding complex
“This work is for real men”
The most important is to clearly understand, that we are one family at the construction. A big, multicultural family. Everyone requires personal approach, to praise or to talk strictly. It’s important to be both friend and leader. We are not kid gloves, not afraid of dirt and foul weather. This work is for real men.
Bukhara Gas-Bearing Province – Tashkent – Bishkek – Almaty gas trunkline, 2017